What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach

Summer time!  Best time to head out to the beach.  For my regular readers,  y’all know that it is very important for me to pack the right things for any of my trips.  I want to be able to just travel with a carry on bag – which means – I should only bring the bare necessities – even for a trip to the beach.

The Basics


My philosophy for packing for the beach is the same as that of my philosophy for any travel.  Learn how to mix and match.  Go for basic colors.   If you pack – three tops and three bottoms – you end up with nine outfits.  So for me,  three tank tops mixed and matched with three board shorts – is the best combination.

I have also learned to look for quick-dry hiking shorts for these trips.  This can serve as your go-to outfit for hiking or maybe even during those evenings when you want to hang out at the neighborhood bar.

Lastly – you might want to throw in a short sleeved shirt ( if you want to go for Hawaiian prints – I won’t judge you ).

Protect Yourself


How about underwear?  From my experiments in my travel – I need four pairs.  When I go to the beach – I actually pack speedoes as underwear.  I also make sure that they are quick dry materials.   You want to be able to wash them in your hotel sink and maybe even use it the next day.

Some of you might be wondering why I would recommend for you to bring a rain jacket.  In the tropics – you just never know when it will rain.  Look for light materials that can be compressed into a small packet.  You can also opt to use it as your jacket when you’re inside the plane.

Lastly – flip flops are my go-to footwear.  If I go to white sand beaches – I go barefoot – but some of our beaches have dark sand and my feet can’t walk on those without feeling that my feet are burning.

Add Ons


Last but not the least – are the extras.  I pack a hat – to protect my face from sun damage (that’s on top of the sunscreen that’s part of my toiletries ).   I also have a packable day pack that is water resistant to keep my electronics from getting wet when I transport them.   One key item that I’ve learned to pack for any trip is a shawl – which can be handy when the evenings get too cold.

So – that was my packing list for the beach.  Summer is about to end – so you have a little bit more time to plan your next beach outing.  I hope this packing list helps you.



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